Covid-19 Updates

17/08/20 ESMBA Publish Return to Short Mat Bowls Roadmap & Action Plan

The ESMBA have now announced that the Road map for the return of Short Mat bowls has been approved by the department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. Short mat bowls has been given the green light to start resuming in some form from September. However, there is to be strict adherence to Covid-19 compliance rules. These are laid out further below.

Before clubs can resume, they must liaise with the county Safeguarding Officer (Eric Pavey: if they wish to proceed with an application to start bowling. Clubs will need to sign a declaration  that all the compliance guidelines are met and once it has been confirmed that they have been met a license for that club will be issued to show the club has approved safe bowls status.

Below is a brief outline of the road map:

1. All International matches will be cancelled until March 2021 (re arranged World Championships)

2. The diary will be clear of England days and games (to enable Counties to use these later in the year when safe to do so).

3. The ESMBA National Championships 2019/20 will be postponed until April 2021. There will be no qualifiers for the Main Nationals this season.

4. (September 2020) Clubs will be able to open for social roll ups, maximum four per mat providing they have met the criteria laid down by the ESMBA, and approved to do so.

 5. (October 2020) Clubs will be able to increase their participation from four to six per mat, if they can comply with the then social distance guidance.

 6. (November 2020) Inter club activities will be permitted. (guidelines will be issued nearer the time).

 7. (December 2020) County Open competitions will be permitted (guidelines will be issued nearer the time).

8. (January 2021) The ESMBA will look to run knock out and open Competition based at Club level.

 9. (January/February 2021) Counties will be able to run National Over 55s and Mixed Fours qualifiers.

 10. The ESMBA membership will remain due for the Association. There will be a reduced playing diary at National level but the Administration of the Association will remain the same. Both the ESMBA and County Associations will be there for the support of their members. The Personal Accident insurance will still cover personal Accidents whilst playing and in official capacity of Short Mat Bowls.

11. The ESMBA is to allocate a large proportion of the coming seasons membership fee to a Covid19 fund and invite applicants to apply for funding to ensure their clubs are compliant and remain active. (Details below).

Full details of the ESMBA COVID-19 Action plan, Compliance checklist, Risk assessments and the associated documents can be found below:

Reminder: All the relevant documents must be approved by the club Safeguarding officer and counter signed by the County Safeguarding officer (Eric Pavey: before a license is issued.

In addition the ESMBA have announced and produced guidance on the ESMBA Community Emergency fund which has been set up to aid clubs for the extra expense incurred in playing bowls in this Covid-19 world. The aim of the fund is to sustain and grow registered bowlers. The fund will help fund the following:

a)Expenses essential to the maintain the operational viability of the organisation in playing short mat bowls such as the hire cost of extra sessions to enable all members to participate, hygiene essentials, and bowls lifters 

b) Activities to kickstart short mat bowls in your local area for example advertising costs and if practical open sessions

c) A contribution to your local club, league or County Association membership fee. To be eligible you must be able to demonstrate that your ESMBA registered player numbers are at least maintained at the 2019/20 level. This would be measured after the deadline for registrations i.e. end of November. This is likely to be in the second phase of funding based on the measurement point

d) Other ideas and expenses that are as a result of the Covid pandemic e.g. completion of a risk assessment.

More information on this fund can be found on the link below: